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Lucho & Ale
Luciano Brigante  & Alejandra Orozco

1- TangoLogic. We will understand the logic of Argentine tango in a global way, making a breakdown of the combinations, figures and the construction of new movements

2-TangoTeisim. In this class, we will understand how to achieve differentiation in our style through the analysis of how tango develops in the salons of Buenos Aires.

3- Tango Tribe In this class we experience the 5 rhythmic states of being. Flow, stacatto, Chaos, lyrical and stillness

4- The Ultimate Giro Technics. We will provide the fundamentals and knowledge of one of the most complicated figures of tango, in a clear and didactic way to achieve the best turns in an effective and comfortable way. (Extras bonus, Multiple sacadas from both rolls)

Each Lesson is 75 Minutes

Rod & Jenny
Rod & Jenny 

1-Change of directions - various fluid movements/elements


2-Get hooked: internal and external leg wraps and ganchos


3-Various to Advance Sacada combinations – required is a good knowledge of sacada technique to attend this class


4-Mixology – Combination Platter - various moves with leg wraps/sacada/boleos - should have adequate knowledge with leading and/or following leg wraps and boleos

Each Lesson is 75 Minutes

Facu & Clarissa
Facundo & Clarissa


Circulation and control in reduced spaces, how the follower adapts to the dance of the leader, intention, axis and balance.



Sacadas and barridas, both linear and circular, in synch with the line of dance.


dance to different orchestras understanding how they differ from one another.


Experimenting  with weight shifts and embellishments while dancing to an offbeat milonga. “ Milonga con traspie”

All the teachers

4 Lessons with the same teachers - 100 USD / Per Person

8 Lessons with two different teachers -  200 USD / Per Person

Mix Combo - 4 Lessons Different Teachers - 150 USD / Per Person (Choose 4 lessons out of the 12 Classes)

Premier Combo - 12 Lesson - All the Teachers - 250 USD / Per Person and Get a Free upgrade to Premier Room

4 Fundamental classes are included in the Milonga Pass. 

Do not forget, all the teachers need your support after a year and a half of the Pandemic and very low income during 2020 and 2021. We strongly suggest getting the Premier combo so you can enjoy the Free upgrade from Deluxe To Premier Room.

There are no discounts for couple registration or any other discount for that matter.

This year we changed the business model and the teachers are not our employees, they are our partners. 

If you are a student from any of the Tango Maya Teachers contact them directly to support and add more to their Income. 

Private lessons are available with all the teachers. Contact them directly.

Thank you for your understanding and Support.