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Without any doubts, Functional training for tango dancers by Tango Brigante School is the best thing happened to me in 2020 and beyond.

The program has tremendously helped me to improve my physique, balance and core strength. It has prepared me to be a better dancer. It made me a healthier person.

The program is designed, coached and conducted by high performance sports experts and top-notched tango professionals in the world.

To be a better dancer you have to have a dancer’s body.

A million thanks to Tango Brigante and coach Walter.

PS: I’ve lost 10 kilos



It is hard to imagine surviving our challenging pandemic times without these superb functional training workouts; now interspersed with the exhilarating kick boxing classes!

Beginning my days being brightly greeted with the highly trained and motivated professional team leading me through carefully planned sequences of movements is such a blessing! All exercises can be adapted to ability and are closely supervised to avoid injury. The results are indisputably positive! 

It becomes increasingly evident just how much core strength, balance and mojo are needed to be able to be a good tango dancer.  

Ale, Luciano and Walter are unbeatable!


Luciano and Alejandra’s virtual classes have been our dancing fix during the pandemic and have elevated our tango to the next level. Their level of technique and understanding of authentic Argentine tango is world-class and far beyond what we would find in our local scene, so being able to take this level of tango class on a regular basis has been the silver lining in this pandemic. In addition to a broad spectrum of classes, they provide personal feedback to each student during class which we’ve found incredibly helpful.



Deciding to take fitness and cardio kick-boxing classes with Tango Brigante was one of the best decisions I've made since the pandemic began. For 1 full hour 5 or 6 days a week, I work out hard with knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers who make it fun and provide highly personalized feedback to help me keep improving. Gracias, Walter, Alejandra y Luciano!

Norm & Beata


about Functional training for tango: I LOVE it the best thing about it is that anyone can do it! Alejandra and Walter are very welcoming and understanding and offer many modifications to exercises in order to accommodate participants with different levels of skills/ strength/ workout equipment / injuries etc. I HIGHLY recommend it.


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