Please help us to built the next TANGO MAYA 2020 


We are already planning the improvements for 2020 edition, Here some ideas for sure we want to put in practice:

-Less classes, more free and party time. 

-Find out a way to have buzz all night in our milongas.(New regulations took us by surprise, but not for 2020)

-One or two outdoor formal milonga in the evenning followed by after party in Convention Center.

-We will be very careful with last minute changes in the schedule, hopefully 2020 runs smoothly with out it. 

-We love tequila testing in the pool party, so we will propose other fun little activities like salsa teasting, or guacamole party during pool time. 

-We want to help more locals to join the event, there lots of great dancers who cant afford travelling to Cancun, so we will implement a program to support them and have them with us.  If you like this project Stay tune for more details! 

We have some more ideas, but also we would like to ear the most important ones:  yours!

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