-6 Hrs Workshops with Danienla & Hernan

-6 Hrs Workshop with Luciano & Alejandra 

-6 Hrs Workshops with Guillermo & Giovanna

-6 Hrs Workshops with Guillermo & Miriam

-4 Beach/Pool Party Milongas.

-5 Evening Milongas. 

-4 After Partys/Late night Milonga.

-3 Mixers (Tango Group activitie for all leves) 

-4 Night With Open Ba r& Munchies at the Milongas

-More than 50 hours of milongas 


(Special Tracks with Sebastian and Mariana NOT INCLUDED)


-Single drop-in for Milongas does not Includes open bar at the Evening Milongas or After Parties/Late night Milongas


-If you do not stay at the host hotel extra fee will be charge, 15 U$D per day per person to enter to the hotel wich Includes water and soft drinks.  You will have free acces to the convention center were the milongas and lessons are held at the GRAND PARK ROYAL CANCUN CARIBE




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