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Invitados Especiales

Honrados y agradecidos de contar con grandes invitados.
Maestros, Mùsicos, Artistas, Coreògrafos y Organizadores 

International Tango Femme Team

Is fantastic grou created online during the pandemic, by Celina Rotundo with the idea of ​​working intensively on the personal progress of each dancer through stage projection applicable to the social dance floor.

The dancers learn a different way of working through musical times, Argentine Tango technique, postures and poses, visual aesthetics, stretching techniques, balance, body expression, connection with the ground, interpretation through choreography.  But above all, the idea is to develop and enhance the character of each member, confidence and style when dancing.

The weekly meetings are in person in Dallas or virtually by Zoom.
The idea is to empower all the female dancers, work individually, but also as a team, in a different way.  They share experiences, they look for answers to all the questions we have in our follower role within Argentine Tango and we try to enhance our own role.  Commit ourselves, and make community.

The International Tango Femme Team currently has 30 dancers representing different places: Dallas, Austin, Maryland, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico California, Seattle, Ohio, Kentucky Louisiana, New Orleans, Miami among others.  This team has participated in many important events in Dallas, Chicago, Denver and Buenos Aires (in Lady's Tango Festival and CITA) participate in the Tango Maya festival in Cancun and the 4th Holiday Tango Weekend Festival in Dallas. And in March of next year it will be dancing on big stages in Buenos Aires again.

Leaders Tango League

Dallas Leaders Tango League is a choreographic group of men that was formed during and in the midst of the pandemic, the love for dance and the non-stop dancing inspired its director Hugo Patyn to achieve this formation. Since 2020 they have been working and performing at different Festivals, Events and Shows throughout the United States.

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