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Invitados Especiales

Honrados y agradecidos de contar con grandes invitados.
Maestros, Mùsicos, Artistas, Coreògrafos y Organizadores 

Martu Salem & Claudia Cortes

Martu and Claudia are teachers and well known milongueros from Buenos Aires. If you were there you may saw them dancing almost every night :D They both dance Tango for over 17 years and still feeling the passion for social dancing like the first year.

They try to transmit learning about what happens inside of us, sensations and movements that bring us together into a confortable and nice embrace, but not for that less efficient, taking us into a trip in how it feels to dance in Buenos Aires.

About their style, they dance traditional Tango, having the elegance of Tango Salon but using complex and risky movements from Tango Orillero. Their mainly influences are Antonio Todaro, Geraldin Rojas, Ezequiel Paludi, Natalia Hills, Gabriel Missé, Federico Naveira, Gustavo Naveira among others.


About Claudia:

Claudia grew up fully immersed in folk dance, contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics in her hometown of Patagonia. She pursued her love of teaching at University of Magallanes and later found herself in Los Angeles. There, Claudia became an accomplished dancer in several disciplines including salsa. Out of pure coincidence, she stumbled upon social tango dancing and had a nostalgic moment remembering tango songs her mother used to sing to her as a child. Claudia was instantly inspired to return to South America and master Argentine Tango. When she returned to the Unites States, she became an inspirational young dancer; teaching and performing tango in festivals and workshops across the country. She has had the privilege dancing in China when the Rhythm and Passion dance company invited her in 2012. Claudia’s teaching draws from an academic background in athletics to emphasize correct technique, alignment and movement in the dance. Her dancing epitomizes the intensity, beauty and stillness of Argentine Tango.


Claudia never dreamed of being a DJ, but her passion and love for music and her desire to create an exquisite atmosphere for her friends lead her to begin managing music at local milongas. Starting in 2011, she has already become a popular name locally in Los Angeles as well as many other cities in the United States.


About Martu:

A Milonguero and a tango teacher, Martu Salem is one of the most talented dancers among the new generation of tangueros in Bueno Aires. Before his meeting with tango, Martu dedicated several years to studying music. With a strong foundation in musical structure, he was well prepared to assimilate tango into his life when he came across the dance. As his pursuit for tango intensified, he tapered his musical studies in favor for his new passion for dancing social tango. True to the milonguero nature.


His training as a dancer comes first from the milongas, because first of all, he is a milonguero on Buenos Aires for a long time.

Then continued his training with some of the most renowned tango teachers and dancers, which has led him to teach classes and seminars not only in different parts of Buenos Aires, but also in different cities in Italy, Germany and EEUU.


Like all milongueros, Martu believes in the answers for all things tango lie within the close embrace and the feel good sensation from clarity and mutual respect for his partner. He used teache at the famed La Viruta milonga in Buenos Aires.

Jesica Cutler & John Miller
John Miller and Jesica Cutler are dancers and teachers based in Denver, Colorado. They have taught and performed at numerous Tango festivals across North America. In addition to their weekly classes, they host Tango on the Rocks, one of the most popular festivals in the United States. 
John Miller and Jesica Cutler have been teaching tango together since 2013 and in that time have developed a style that is fun, connected, and precise. They have taught and performed at numerous festivals across North America
Hans Peter Meyer
Hans Peter Meyer
Hans Peter Meyer will be offering morning yoga classes every day of TangoMayaFest 2023. These will be 45-minute classes that he has crafted to focus on qualities of leading, surrender, connection, and inner elegance relevant to all tango dancers.

In his practice, Hans teaches yoga with a focus on two things: developing the capacity to "hold space" feel the experience of being alive; helping the body, and especially the heart, open safely and powerfully within this "held space" to connection with self and with others. His yoga training is in Kundalini Yoga and in the Yoga of Sacred Intimacy. 

As well as teaching online programs for men, women, and couples (eg. Path of the Sacred Masculine, Sacred Marriage) Hans teaches in-person Yoga for Lovers (couples) and Tango for Lovers (couples) on Vancouver Island, where he lives. He is also a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and provides bespoke ceremonies for "endings" (deaths, divorce, job-loss/career-change, retirement, etc) and weddings across North America. 
International Tango Femme Team

Is fantastic grou created online during the pandemic, by Celina Rotundo with the idea of ​​working intensively on the personal progress of each dancer through stage projection applicable to the social dance floor.

The dancers learn a different way of working through musical times, Argentine Tango technique, postures and poses, visual aesthetics, stretching techniques, balance, body expression, connection with the ground, interpretation through choreography.  But above all, the idea is to develop and enhance the character of each member, confidence and style when dancing.

The weekly meetings are in person in Dallas or virtually by Zoom.
The idea is to empower all the female dancers, work individually, but also as a team, in a different way.  They share experiences, they look for answers to all the questions we have in our follower role within Argentine Tango and we try to enhance our own role.  Commit ourselves, and make community.

The International Tango Femme Team currently has 30 dancers representing different places: Dallas, Austin, Maryland, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico California, Seattle, Ohio, Kentucky Louisiana, New Orleans, Miami among others.  This team has participated in many important events in Dallas, Chicago, Denver and Buenos Aires (in Lady's Tango Festival and CITA) participate in the Tango Maya festival in Cancun and the 4th Holiday Tango Weekend Festival in Dallas. And in March of next year it will be dancing on big stages in Buenos Aires again.

Leaders Tango League

Dallas Leaders Tango League is a choreographic group of men that was formed during and in the midst of the pandemic, the love for dance and the non-stop dancing inspired its director Hugo Patyn to achieve this formation. Since 2020 they have been working and performing at different Festivals, Events and Shows throughout the United States.

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