Covid-19 Protocol


OBJECTIVE: Create a safety environment where everyone feels comfortable during classes and milongas.


VACCINATED: present at registration, Proof of vaccination, and Negative Covid Test between 30 hr to 24 hrs prior to festival registration.


NON VACCINATED:  present at registration a Negative Covid Test 48 hrs prior to your flight  + Negative Covid Test 2 hrs prior to festival registration.

Present a 3rd Negative Covid Test 2 hrs before your first festival activity on Saturday, Nov 6th. 

We have two main registrations times:


  b) THURSDAY NOV 4TH:    FROM 8:30 AM TO 2:30 & 7:30 PM to 10 PM

Guidelines for all attendees:

Previous the Festival:
Extreme precautions 3 days before your trip, when going out from your bubble, keep physical distance, wear your mask properly and avoid the crowds and social events.
At the airport: Wear your mask, Wash or sanitize your hands often (every 20 min). Avoid eating or using restrooms during your flight.

During Festival:

Each festival activity will have temperature control and hand sanitation. Arrive with anticipation.
Keep physical distance from people who aren't part of the event.
Mark your glasses, and if you are not sure if the glass is yours, just get a new one.
Notify immediately if you have any symptoms like cough, fever, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting. diarrhea, sore throat.

In the event of a positive covid case, all attendees must wear a mask as mandatory.
The festival will have Sanitary Police which will control that the codes mentioned above are respected.
We reserve the right of admission to the festival to people who violate the biosecurity rules with no refund.
If deemed necessary, the festival organization may request the mandatory use of masks.
The present guidelines can be modified depending on the current situation on the day of the festival and the official regulation of the government.


Spot to get express test at the festival

We recommend to get your COVID TEST before coming to Cancun, but in case your itinerary does not work with the times,

 here are other options: 

1. Request a test at the hotel.   Only with previous appointment and the hotel will provide it subject availability.  Good option to use it for your test to return home. ask in the front desk about it.  Prices around 30 usd, results are in 5 min.  Type of test, Express antigen.

2. Spots outside the hotel:  There are several places  where you can get an Express antigen test outside the hotel, results varies from 5 to 30 min, price is around 30 usd. You can also get  Molecular PCR  (70 to 100 usd price, 24 hrs results)   The best area to go is 1.5 km away the hotel. See the map attached. 

3. Bring your own home test. (Nose swab) To be done when is more convenient.